ISLE ASSO allows its members to be part of an international Network in order to participate in international projects, to set up Sustainable Development initiatives either locally, nationally or internationally and to organise / partake in workshops or conferences in association with other international networks (Eating CityICA, CEDIA, ISEKI...), on topics focusing on Sustainable Development in education and research.


* The I.S.L.E Association publishes the “ISLEJournal”   A Call for Research papers:  It includes two sections, one for news items and one for scientific or on-scientific papers or articles. 





* Members are also reminded that they may have their own access on the "ISLELearn" Moodle platform, which offers open access to online resources dedicated to SD but also the possibility of obtaining a restricted access for long-distance learning possibilities.

* It is possible for educational departments or institutions to apply for the "ISLELabel"   which recognises programs and/or degrees dedicated or related to Sustainable Development.  The application for the label is evaluated by peers specialised in Sustainable Development teaching according to certain criteria. 

*Also, the I.S.L.E Association acts as an intermediary for Professionals and the Civil Society and Higher Education and Research by helping bridge the gap between the needs of the labour market in terms of sustainability, curricula and students' expectations.


ISLE can therefore help answer the following questions : 


- What professional skills in Sustainable Development do Graduates require?


- How can Higher Education & Research adapt to meet this challenge?


What can the I.S.L.E Association offer to its members?