What are the aims of this Association?


* To create and maintain an international network of :


- Educational institutions      
- Research institutions
- Non Governmental Organizations
- Enterprises
- Other organizations, individuals and students...


all involved in the implementation of SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT and its promotion in their activities.

* To develop and implement activities related to the 2010-2013 European I.S.L.E Erasmus Networks project  

* To use geographical areas with local delegates to promote development of regional activities:


-Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Western Balkans, Africa, Latin America, Central America, North America, Asia and Australasia


If you would like to become one of I.S.L.E Association's local delegates then please contact us.

* To organize conferences, topical meetings, seminars etc. on subjects related to the goals of the Association.  

* To create and disseminate knowledge through books, written documents or periodicals, educational materials, website and the "ISLELearn" distance-learning platform.

* To prepare expert advice, and carry out technical or scientific missions.

* To promote research, innovation, teaching, knowledge transfer to the civil society.